Apples galore! The one in the middle was our biggest apple - Howgate Wonder - weighing in at 1kg. We were determined that it would make the harvest display. Sadly it's just starting to brown but we didn't want to leave it out!
Heligan harvest display this morning - taken at about 8am before all the visitors came in. We added a few more bits of greenery after this but it is pretty much done at this stage. It's so rewarding to see it all laid out like this, particularly after such a wet summer. Pumpkins and squashes have got to be up there in my top 5 vegetables. I love them and I love how different they all are in appearance and flavour. I can't wait to dust off my pumpkin pie recipe for Halloween...Will upload some more harvest images over the weekend. The display will be up until the 1st November so check it out!
We made the finishing touches to the harvest display at Heligan today. It's always a great time of year, when all the staff pull together to create the spectacular array garden produce. We've been harvesting, scrubbing veg and barrowing around heavy crates all week, so it's extremely satisfying to see the fruits of our labour displayed in all their glory! I particularly like this little chap above!
On a cold, dreary day like today, it's good to be reminded of summer colour. Above are a selection of blooms that I grew this season (this shot was taken in early August). As we come into the third week of October, dahlias and marigolds are still flowering and cosmos are only just coming to an end in the tunnel.

A batch of seeds sprouting during my first year of serious growing, at Buttervilla Farm in South Cornwall. To read more about my time at Buttervilla please visit this link...

Everything is winding down with the polytunnel now, check back soon for a video introduction to who I am, and some photographs of our very small frogs!