Feltham First and Sugarsnap peas are climbing high and starting to flower. Today is the first day we've had rain in weeks, here in Cornwall. I have resisted from watering any of my outside beds, taking a leaf out of Heligan's book where we don't water unless in extremely dry conditions. The idea is that if the soil is very well cultivated, plants learn to look after themselves and the more you water and interfere with them, the more they rely on that water source. It's hard to ignore plants when the ground seems so parched, but if left to their own devices they generally become stronger and you have to water less. Obviously if something is looking like it's about to die, this theory isn't working and you need to give if a drink -I don't want to be responsible for people killing off their plants! It's very dependent on each garden and soil structure, but it's worth observing how plants are coping and not simply watering for the sake of it.

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