Cow Parsley growing in the entrance to my plot. I'm trying to keep as many wild flowers as possible to encourage the bees. I have a grass area out the back of the tunnel that I am leaving wild. There are lots of buttercups and campions and I have sown a wild flower mix just inside the tunnel door. 

Feltham First and Sugar Snap Peas in evening sunlight. They are protected by thorny pea sticks to ward off the pigeons. This is one of the first images I have taken on my old pentax 35mm camera. My friend Giulietta was very patient in helping me buy this camera on ebay for which I am extremely grateful! She takes beautiful photographs - check out her work...
I've recently set up a blog for The Lost Gardens of Heligan.
Check it out every Thursday for a run down of what we've been up to in the Productive Gardens each week.

Above is a picture I took last month of a butterfly in the polytunnel. It looks like
it may be a Fritillary of some sort. Any ideas? is a really helpful site that helps you identify British butterflies, but I'm still not a hundred per cent sure what it is! Sadly, butterflies are on the decline (like our honey bees) due to the destruction of habitats and pollution, so it's a rare treat to see one up close like this in the garden.